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CougsFirst! News

6th Annual CougsFirst! Show & After Party

Video Highlights

March 9, 2018


Over 2,000 WSU alumni & friends gathered to reconnect, network and discover 100s of Cougar -owned, -managed and -affiliated businesses showcasing their products and services. Cougar Pride was everywhere! 

WSU Carson College Business talks CougsFirst! and connecting students with WSU Alums

October 2017


This year, 38 Carson College undergraduates attended CougsFirst! to meet alumni and learn more about Cougar owned businesses.

As part of the CougsFirst! experience, Carson students visited Nordstrom and Tableau Software headquarters. Full story here

Seattle Times talks CougsFirst! and WSU Alums

April 5, 2017


Former WSU quarterback Jack Thompson thought WSU alums in the business world should try to help each other. So he enlisted some WSU friends and started an independent business network called CougsFirst!. Full story here

CougsFirst! on KJR 950 with Ian Furness and Jason Puckett

August 26, 2015


From Martin Stadium Jack Thompson and Glenn Osterhout share their thoughts on President Elson Floyd and CougsFirst!

Listen here

How CougsFirst! Got Started

March 3, 2013


Rob Tobeck remembers driving in downtown Tampa, Fla., when without warning, he spotted a car with a Cougar license plate. Diverting from his original destination, Tobeck followed the car for a few blocks.


"Just to say hello to him," Tobeck recalls.


It's that unique connection Cougars have with fellow Cougars that sparked a thought in the minds of Jack Thompson and Rob Tobeck.

Full story here 

Interview With Rob Tobeck

April 20, 2013

2nd Annual CougsFirst! Show - In The Media

February 25, 2014

Over six hundred WSU alumni and friends joined us to reconnect, socialize, and network. Washington State University's, Athletic Director, Bill Moos, joined the event as an exhibitor and Keynote Speaker. Show highlights, watch here


Bellevue Business Journal: Loyal WSU volunteers stage events to promote products, services from Cougar-affiliated businesses. Full story here.


The Snohomish Times: Apparel, wine, getaways, mobile car detailing, and professional services are among dozens of products and services that will be showcased at the second annual CougsFirst! trade show. Full story here.


CougsFirst! Press Release: The free event, open to Washington State University alumni and friends, is scheduled for Thursday, March 8th from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington and on Thursday, April 19th from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Grand Davenport Hotel in Spokane. Full story here.

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