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In today’s booming economy, business owners are left with many options for products and services. Add to that a busy schedule — it can be a daunting task to decide which company to go with for your business needs. Whether you are looking for business consulting, IT services, office leasing, legal counsel and more, you can rest assured there is a Cougar-owned, –managed or -affiliated business that will take care of you!. Join the following WSU alumni and friends as they Think CougsFirst! for their business-to-business needs.

CougsFirst! sponsorship leads to more business!

Seattle based CMF Industries found our company listing, Ekon Group Limited on the CougsFirst! businesses page. The founder, owner and President, Bruce Maupin, contacted us in China to begin working on products that CMF supplies to their customers in the United States. Subsequently, Bruce introduced us to other companies in the Seattle area where we have collaborated on many products to the benefit of both companies. Our common interest in the US market, WSU and CougsFirst! cemented our business relationship. Conversations always end with, “Go Cougs!”

— Mike Sweeny, WSU Alum Class of ‘73 — Bruce Maupin, Friend of WSU since ‘59

First time sponsorship led to sales both during and after the CougsFirst! Show! UpAngle Drone Services exhibited for the first time at the 2017 CougsFirst! Show. Prior to the Show we offered a discounted rate to exhibitors to create short videos marketing their products and services. As as result of our sponsorship, UpAngle provided media services for Network Computing Architects, Doubleback Winery and others! We look forward to exhibiting at the 2018 Show and continuing to build our business with WSU alumni and friends.

— Justin Coronado, WSU Alum Class of '06

Working with WSU Alum leads to referrals! At Cetera Advisor Networks we were looking for a new phone system and found Unifed Telecom at the 2017 CougsFirst! Show. From there Unified Telecom installed a fully integrated and state of the art system in our Bellevue office. Given the successful installation we referred them to a colleague in our industry.

— Lauree Crane, WSU Alum Class of '11

Finding businesses -owned, -managed and -affiliated with WSU alumni and friends is as simple as going to the CougsFirst! Businesses page. For more information and questions, please contact us

Go Cougs! CougsFirst!

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